Create A Fragrance


Create your own fragrance / candle

Experience a sensorial workshop session & create a bespoke fragrance

For the sophisticated bride, or at least anyone enamoured by a lovely scent.

Demystify the magic behind fragrance making through an entirely hands on process and take home a bottle or a candle of your own customised fragrance. Create your own scents in a craft fragrance lab where perfume ingredients are stored in small batches and hand-poured to order. A mixologist will share bold insights on how to craft your own ritual fragrance from 1000’s of unique olfactory combinations. Work with a Mixologist to design your own perfume and/or candle scents. Rediscover chemistry and get the opportunity to craft with limited edition ingredients. Take home a concocted 20ml fragrance and/ or a candle of your own.


Perfumery Workshop

Introduction to fragrance. Mixologist will explain how personality matches fragrance, what scent suits a particular occasion or time of day. The mixologist will touch on how fragrance can influence first impressions and also create a memory for the receiver.

Introduction to the usage of 27 basic notes, explanation on how to build the fragrance & naming the bespoke fragrance.

Once a preferred formula/ scent has been selected after 2 trials, the building of a 20ml bespoke perfume can begin.

2 hrs


Scented Candle Workshop

Learn environment scenting, especially in curated spaces. The 27 basic notes and how to incorporate the scent into the melted wax. Experience scents that scream sensual to scents that simply soothe. Learn how scented candles affect mood and memory and finally experiment with different scents before creating your own customised 100g scented candle.

3 hrs



Private group workshop

A bottle of Champagne/ Wine


Bride to Be accessories


Personal 20ml Eau de Parfum

and/ or

100g Soy Beeswax Candle of your own unique fragrance


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