Create A Fragrance


An Experiential Session to Craft Your Own Fragrances

At Your Preferred Location

In this exclusive session, you will get to smell and have fun exploring dozens of elusive fragrances. Some rare and beautiful oils you will have includes: Wild Bluebell, Ion Orchard’s scent, Gardenia, Dahlia, Hyacinth, Sex Bomb etc. Our Perfumer will guide you throughout the process of selecting and formulating your fragrance concoctions. You can boast yourself as a basic perfumer after completing this session. Collect your own personally concocted 50ml Extrait de Parfum or 100ml Ambient Room Spray.


Extrait de Parfum Workshop

Introduction to the world of fragrances. Scent-engineer will explain how personality matches fragrance and what scent suits a particular occasion. The scent-engineer will touch on how fragrances can influence first/last impressions and teach you how to use the fragrance to achieve it’s intended purpose.

Introduction to the use/benefits of 21 fragrance notes, explanation on how to build & pair the different fragrances.

Guidance to create a scent with intent: to spice up love life, elevate intimacy and positive feelings between couples etc.

Once a preferred formulation has been selected with up to 5 trials to tweak the scent, thereafter the building of a 50ml customised Extrait de Parfum can commence.

2 hrs


Ambient Room /Linen Spray Crafting Session

Learn how to scent your home and loved spaces with a pleasant and pleasing aroma. You will use 21 different fragrance notes and incorporate the scent into a room/linen spray. You will have a vivid selection of amazing, fragrance oils to select from. The aromas and colours would evoke feelings of sensuality and delight to your soul. Learn how room/linen sprays can affect your feelings and memory and finally play with a myriad of scents to craft your own customised 100ml room/linen spray.

2 hrs



Private group workshop (Island wide)

A bottle of Moscato / Wine / Malibu Pineapple Rum


Bride to Be accessories

Customized 50ml Extrait de Parfum

and / or

100ml Ambient Room/Linen Spray

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