Male Strippers

Introduce a hunky man to the event. One sure way of getting all the girls smiling, giggling and OMG-ing.. And when he starts taking his clothes off…?!? OMG indeed!

Let our handsome fella get up close and personal with the blushing bride-to-be. There’s no better way to spend one of her last night’s of single life! Our performers are personally auditioned and selected. There will be no awkward moments as this is a well worked and slick performance.

Female strippers are available too


Stripper FAQ

    • Do check if the bride-to-be and the guests at the event are comfortable with a stripper in their midst before you book.
    • The show lasts for 30 mins with the performer stripping down to a thong. Games can be incorporated. Do ask if you want him to go all out, some performers are more than willing to do the Full Monty.
    • Some performers have their own costumes. Let us know if you have any requests for role playing.
    • This yummy surprise can be arranged in the privacy of a hotel room, suite, karaoke or private parlour. As it is against the law to strip in public, the venue has to be enclosed and private.
    • Please meet our performer at the reception/ lobby of the venue on the day of the event to go through any details, if any.
    • Keep the party area clear of hazards such as tables, etc. The bigger space for the strippers to work, the more enjoyable the show will be.
    • For mixed crowds, please inform the guys to either wait outside until the show is over, or if they want to watch, they are welcomed to do without harassing the performer. Some performers are not comfortable if there are guys at the event, so please inform us.
    • No photo/ video taking (unless performer allows)

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